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WELCOME TO THE OHIO FUEL CELL COALITION                                                                    



CORRIDOR NEWS                                                                                                                          

Fuel cell technology proves value in hurricane relief efforts

Nov 13, 2017 | The Hill 

Congress, like most Americans, may not be fully aware of a growing energy source powering industry today, which explains why fuel cell technology isn’t being treated fairly. While it’s largely out of public view, it was one of the unsung heroes in this year’s hurricane disasters. When Hurricane Irma struck Florida in September, one of Walmart’s distribution centers lost its supply of electricity. Fortunately, its fleet of warehouse forklifts were powered by hydrogen fuel cells. If these trucks had run on traditional lead-acid battery power, the generators would not have been able keep up with the needs, and the fleet would have quickly run out of power. 

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Ballard and Siemens Ink Fuel Cell Engine Deal for Commuter Train

Nov 14, 2017 | NGT News

Ballard Power Systems has signed a development agreement with Siemens AG for the development of a zero-emission fuel cell engine to power Siemens’ Mireo light rail train. The agreement has a contemplated value of approximately $9 million to Ballard. Under the terms of the deal, Ballard will develop a 200 kW fuel cell engine for integration into Siemens’ new Mireo train platform. Mireo is a modular commuter train platform designed for speeds of up to 160 km/hour (100 miles/hour). Thanks to lightweight design, energy-efficient components and intelligent onboard network management, the Mireo will consume up to 25% less energy than trains with similar passenger capacity, according to the partners.

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